Isn’t it funny that no matter how our team plays, whether they win or lose, we still wear their colours with pride?

We may not even like the colour ‘purple’ or ‘yellow’, but it does not matter – we still wear the colours with pride.

We may get mocked or teased when our team loses, but we still stand tall and put our team colours back on for the next game, in hopes of a better result. Why do you think this is? Possibly because we realise the outside team colour does not define the end result. It’s the inside determination and perseverance which can change things around, and just like that we find ourselves celebrating and cheering the wins.

Now stop and think a moment. It’s your team’s colours that unites you with them. But it’s also their talent and character that draws you to them, or it may even be that you have inherited liking them from your family or friend’s perspectives. No matter the reason, you are proud to be a supporter of your team.

As the player, wearing the uniform comes with rules and expectations – the most common being it must be clean and presentable when running onto the field. It also comes with expected behaviours, and when you combine all these factors you establish not only pride for your team, but for yourself, those closest to you who support you and the spectators watching.

How is this different to our school?

Well I don’t think it is. Wearing a uniform instills pride because of who you are associated with and how those who have gone before you have carried themselves.

You see, past students from our school have set an example in a variety of areas. Whether you love academics, arts, drama or sport there is someone who has walked the path before you and held the Mandurah Baptist College banner high. People associate with and identify you because of your uniform and school name. In turn you become that mentor and lead the way for those younger than yourself.

So remember, whilst your uniform may not always reflect the latest style or match your skin tone, the reason you have a uniform goes much deeper. It gives you a sense of belonging. People will not notice the style of your uniform as much as they notice the actions portrayed from within. How your ‘team fairs’ is up to each one of you. When you are in uniform, people will associate your behaviour as a reflection of the values that your school has.

Your school values:

  • An environment for social and emotional wellbeing, having positive self-esteem, making responsible choices, feeling safe and free from harm and being positive about the future.

And in turn:

  • Everyone at the school is expected to show respect and fairness.

This is what makes Mandurah Baptist College the great school it is. You are a part of the team and you can hold your head high because of who we are and what we represent.

At the end of it all it’s really your choice, but I know that being associated with this school where you are a student, I can wear our logo with pride because of the way you conduct yourself.

Written by: Lenie Howie, Uniform Shop Manager